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Top Ten Recommendations to UK Heads
Alan November and Bob Pearlman

Closing Keynote to the Specialist Schools Trust National Conference

Friday, November 21, 2003, Birmingham, England

Alan November is recognized internationally as a leader in education technology.

Bob Pearlman is the Director of Strategic Planning for the New Technology Foundation

Alan November and Bob Pearlman together developed the Closing Keynote for the 2003 National Conference of the Specialist Schools Trust, which comprises 1400 secondary schools in England. Unfortunately, Alan had a medical emergency and had to fly home, so Bob presented the recommendations that Alan and he had co-developed.

Note: Alan had successful eye surgery. He is OK and back in the field in the U.S. and internationally.

Top Ten Recommendations from Alan and Bob to UK heads

[ Powerpoint 2000 file, 4.3MB ]

10. Do not suffer from Technolust!

9. Give your students a shot at success in the 21st Century!

8. Liberate the boomerangs!

7. Go beyond ICT skills, integration -- Build Learning Communities!

6. Avoid Digital Immigrant Syndrome

5. Make independent, self-directed learning a reality!

4. Expand the boundaries of Learning!

3. Start Building the Schools of the Future Learning Environments today!

2. Bridge the Digital Divide! Create networks and support the home!

1. Go beyond school improvement to school transformation!