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New Book by James Bellanca: Enriched Learning Projects: A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills

Foreword by Bob Pearlman


James Bellanca has written a wonderful teacher’s guide, Enriched Learning Projects: A Practical Pathway to 21st Century Skills, published by Solution Tree Press.

Enriched Learning Projects is an outstanding companion to the Buck Institute of Education’s Project Based Learning Handbook (Markham, Larmer, & Ravitz, 2003) and BIE's new PBL Starter Kit. The handbook effectively guides teachers through project planning, assessment, and implementation. Bellanca does this and more. His book is an intellectual dialogue direct with you, as a teacher, showing you not only how to design, assess, and implement projects, but also how to directly support your students with mind tools and mediation of critical thinking.

James Bellanca addresses both my passions—classroom practice and 21st century skills. He writes, “I have designed Enriched Learning Projects to be a useful tool for teachers who appreciate the value and beneft of learning experiences based in projects, who want the best learning for their students, and who value 21st century learning”.

See my foreword to Enriched Learning Projects. Look inside the book here and order the book here.

Solution Tree has also provided a superb reproducible resources page.