Contact: Karen Frey

Wednesday, January 7, 2004





Chief executives from the nation`s leading high technology companies today called on policymakers to partner with them to establish new policy priorities that will increase U.S. growth and competitiveness, ensure our nation’s continued technology leadership and help create new American jobs.

Faced with growing competitive challenges and the need for decisive action to ensure
U.S. economic security, the members of the Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP) today offered preliminary recommendations to policymakers in Washington to strengthen all sectors of the U.S. economy.  Their preliminary proposals are outlined in a report released today by CSPP, Choose to Compete: How Innovation, Investment and Productivity Can Grow U.S. Jobs and Ensure American Competitiveness in the 21st Century.  The report is available at  

“As the
U.S. encounters new global realities policy makers face a choice: we can compete in the international arena or we can retreat,” said Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel Corporation and chairman of CSPP. “America can only grow jobs and improve its competitiveness by choosing to compete globally, and that will require renewed focus on innovation, education and investment.”


The CEO members of CSPP -- Michael Dell of Dell, Joseph Tucci of EMC, Carly Fiorina of HP, Sam Palmisano of IBM, Craig Barrett of Intel, Ed Zander of Motorola, Mark Hurd of NCR and Larry Weinbach of Unisys -- will bring this message to policymakers on Capitol Hill and throughout the Administration in February when they visit Washington for their semi-annual meeting.  At that time, the CEOs will encourage lawmakers to define, enact and implement the policies needed to sustain U.S. economic growth and competitiveness.  CSPP also plans to work with other private sector groups to prepare and release educational information in 2004 that offers further guidance and recommendations for policymakers.  

"The economic and competitive challenges that
U.S. industry and American workers face are real," said Joseph Tucci, President and CEO of EMC Corporation.  "The United States must be proactive on innovation, investment and improving education for American workers in order for U.S. companies to compete successfully in today``s global marketplace.  Only through strategic, concerted actions can the IT industry and government address the challenges and find solutions to maintain global competitiveness and sustain economic leadership and job growth in America."


Choose to Compete: How Innovation, Investment and Productivity Can Grow U.S. Jobs and Ensure American Competitiveness in the 21st Century