Readings on Autonomy and Accountability

Understanding the Basic Bargain: A Study of Charter School Accountability in Massachusetts and Texas
Paul A. Herdman, Harvard University, 2002

Freeing School Resources for Learning: The “Missing Piece” in Making Accountability Meaningful (PDF File)
By Karen Hawley Miles. District Issues Brief. District management changes required to support school autonomy.

How to Create and Manage a Decentralized Education System (PDF File)
By Allan Odden for New American Schools, 1997.
What do we know about the elements of an effective decentralized system? What do research and experience suggest about how to create and manage a decentralized education system?

School Autonomy and Accountability: a Rambling towards Understanding
By Bob Michael.

Forging a Strong Compact with Schools
Here are some strategies autonomy-minded district leaders can use to link school autonomy to accountability contracts.  North Central Regional Education Lab (NCREL), Apr 24, 2003. Action Tool 13: Accountability Map can aid you in thinking through the fundamental issues related to accountability. Action Tool 14: Accountability can be used to self-assess how well your district supports school accountability.