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Albemarle County Public Schools, Charlottesville, VA*

Updated: September, 2015

September 1, 2015: profiles Albemarle County Public Schools with videos and blogs
June, 2015: US DOE Case Study of Albemarle County Public Schools. Video Interview of Pam Moran, Superintendent, and Becky Fisher, Director of Educational Technology and Professional Development.
December 23, 2014: Making Teachers “Makers” of Their Learning, by Superintendent Pam Moran, edSurge, January 21, 2014; and Albemarle's Student Innovation Expo at UVA's iLab (video), December 5, 2014
December 1, 2014: Designing Classrooms & Schools for 21st Century Learners, Blog by Bob Pearlman, Partnership for 21st Century Skills Blogazine
October 24, 2014: #ACPSCoaches Weekly -- a great weekly paper.li resources for instructional coaches in Ablemarle County and everywhere from #ACPSCoaches.
October 4, 2014: Building Capacity Through Summer Institutes Breakout Session workshop from ACPS and Lucia Mar (CA) at EdLeader21 Annual Event
October 3, 2014: ACPS's Seven Pathways to our Lifelong-Learner Competencies and Seven Pathways, 3 Stories Slide Presentation
October 1, 2014: Designing Up Albemarle Schools - Special website/resources on the ACPS Design Journey, 7 pages of resources
September 8, 2014: Maker Movement Reinvents Education, By Louise Stewart, Newsweek. Highlights Albemarle County Public Schools

 We Make Makers. Join Us!


The Future Speaks: Horizon 2020 Strategic Plan
An Introduction to the Framework for Quality Learning


Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS), Charlottesville, VA*

ACPS serves more than 13,200 students in grades pre-K through 12 in Albemarle County, Central Virginia, in 16 Elementary schools (preschool-5), 5 Middle schools (6-8), 3 Comprehensive high schools (9-12), and several alternative and charter schools.

Selected blogs from the Superintendent and the Leadership Team


Strategic Planning -- First developed in 2005. Commmunity and stakeholder review underway since Summer 2013 for Horizon 2020 (2013-2020)..

Teacher Performance Appraisal (TPA) - Links evaluation with professional learning around the district's curriculum and instructional goals




Vision, Mission, and Values: Unleashing Each Student's Potential

Our Vision : All learners believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel, and to own their future.

Our Mission: The core purpose of Albemarle County Public Schools is to establish a community of learners and learning, through relationships, relevance, and rigor, one student at a time.




Framework for Quality Learning

Professional Development/Learning



profiles Albemarle County Public Schools with videos and blogs

edutopia videos::

edutopia blogs:


Videos on Learning and Teaching in ACPS schools and classrooms:

  • Makers in ACPS: Teachers and students from Stony Point and Red Hill share their experiences in a maker-focused summer school
  • Movement in math class: 4th grade students engage in movement in connection to their their math curriculum
  • Enhancing Science through Engineering and 3D Printing: Sutherland Middle School teachers Robert Muncey and Eric Bredder share their STEM education in collaboration with the Smithsonian and the University of Virginia
  • Multimedia Presentations: Students and teachers at Walton Middle School share their experiences in developing multimedia presentations
  • AVID: A Closer Look: Teachers and students at Jouett Middle School describe the impact of AVID’s system for student learning
  • Model Congress: Senior American Government students at Western Albemarle High School participate in a simulation of Congress
  • Music Industry: Monticello High School students engage in work designed around the music industry
  • Sci Tech: Integrating technology into science classes with Albemarle High School’s Tony Wayne
  • Flipped classroom: Western Albemarle students connect with chemistry using a flipped mastery classroom model
  • La Academia makerspace @ southwood






Designing Up Albemarle Schools - Special website/resources on the ACPS Design Journey, 7 pages of resources

Design 2015

The ACPS journey to Design 2015 begins with our objective to prepare every student to graduate citizenship, workforce and college ready with a set of skills that will positively impact our community, quality of life, and economic vitality. Project teams consisting of grade-level teachers or department staff were invited to submit proposals requesting funding grounded in interdisciplinary learning. Grant categories included: 1. Single classroom impact; 2. School and organizational impact; 3. Division and organizational impact.

Makerspaces in ACPS


Horizon 2020: Part II
Maker Spaces in ACPS

* Special thanks to ACPS Instructional Coach Tony Borash for helping me identify key videos, articles, and documents that tell the ACPS 21C District story. Tony tweets at @tborash.