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Indiana’s Future Conference: Equity, Engagement & Education for Economic Success- Transforming Today's Schools for Tomorrow's World
November 12-13, 2007

1. New Skills, New High Schools and New Networks of High Schools for the 21st Century [ Powerpoint 2000 file, 6.3 MB ]

2. Information on the New Technology High School Model -- Links to everything you ever wanted to know about the New Tech model.

3. "Learning Through Projects", video segment from the ASCD series,"Teaching the Adolescent Brain".


Bob Pearlman
Director of Strategic Planning
New Technology Foundation

Key Links for the New Tech High School Model

New Technology High School

New Technology Foundation

New Tech High Student Portfolios

New Tech High Learning System

Case Study (PDF) of New Technology High School Napa, California, Prepared by International Center for Leadership in Education, written by Michael Brownstein, Center for Secondary School Redesign

"New Skills For A New Century: Project-based learning teaches kids the collaborative and critical thinking abilities they'll need to compete", by Bob Pearlman, Edutopia magazine, June 2006