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[ September, 2009: New Technology 21st Century High School Model page]

Napa New Technology High School (NTHS) opened in 1996 serving students in Grades 11-12 from two feeder high schools. Today the school serves 400 students in grades 9-12. Napa New Tech may be a remodeled elementary school facility, but it looks like a workplace, not a school.

New Tech students learn 21st Century Knowledge and Skills, are assessed on these skills, and master them for graduation. They do this through classes that are project-based and integrated. At New Tech, it's "Real Projects. Real World. Real Learning." New Tech schools have 1 to 1 computer to students environments, giving students the tools to do their work plus access to the NTH Learning System, an enabling technology platform for 21st century Learning that comprises the school's curriculum, standards, assessment tools, and reporting tools. New Tech High schools nationally share curriculum and assessments through the NTH Learning System.

The New Technology Foundation is a school development organization that supports the start-up and implementation of 21st Century Schools based on the New Technology High School model. The national Network of New Technology High Schools now comprises 50 schools in 10 states, as of August 2009. 12 of the 18 2007-8 and 2008-9 start-ups are STEM-focused schools. See NTF School Development for list of schools. For more information about the New Tech High School model:

1. Napa New Tech High Web Site and New Technology Foundation web site.
The New Technology Foundation (NTF) provides ongoing support to New Technology High School and supports the development of new small schools based on the NTHS model.

2. 21st Century Learning and Assessment
See "Assessing 21st Century Skills : The New Tech High School Model", a powerpoint presentation at the CoSN 12th Annual School Networking Conference, San Francisco, California, March 29, 2007.

3. ASCD Video -- Learning through Projects
See what 21st Century Learning looks like at Sacramento New Tech High School and Napa New Tech High School in an award winning video from ASCD, "Learning through Projects". Also see Fox7 News: Gov. Rick Perry Inaugurates Manor New Tech High-School and Tech Valley High School celebrates opening.

4. Videos and News Clips on the New Tech model.

5. NTHS Learning Outcomes
Students graduate New Technology High School (NTHS) mastering 21st Century Knowledge and Skills through 8 learning outcomes: content standards, collaboration, critical thinking, oral communication, written communication, career preparation, citizenship and ethics, and technology literacy. NTHS incorporates project-based learning to embed these learning outcomes in all projects and assessments.

6. NTH Learning System
The NTH Learning System, now called PeBL, comprises the school's curriculum, standards, assessment tools, and reporting tools, all online on a common technology platform. To see a PowerPoint that shows New Tech's PBL methodology, assessment, and learning tools, see Getting and Assessing 21st Century Knowledge and Skills. Also see the case study of the NTHS Learning System from the 2006 Computerworld Honors Awards at

7. The New Technology High School Model
A recent PowerPoint presentation about the New Technology High School model is posted at You can click on the link and then either view it through your browser or else save the presentation to your own computer. It is 4 MB, so it will take a few minutes even on a high speed connection.

8. Student Digital Portfolio Pages, Current and Past
These portfolios of current students are continuously under construction. The best time to view them is in June near the end of the school year. The site also contains "Good, Fair and Poor Examples from the Past", from prior graduating classes.

9. National Network of New Tech High Schools

10. Results that Matter
New Technology High School has graduated eight classes since opening. Some of these students have now graduated college and entered the workforce. NTHS has had powerful results in both post-secondary success and in student achievement while in high school. See the Post Secondary Success Study and NTHS Results that Matter at

11. Articles about Napa New Technology High School
Go to Key articles include:

12. Tours and Study Tours
Go to One-day Institutes or Study Tours are scheduled in the 2009-10 school year:

13. Contact Information
New Technology Foundation
1040 Main Street, Suite 302
Napa, CA 94559
(707) 253-6951 Fax (707) 253-6993