Exemplar New Technology 21st Century High Schools*

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The New Technology 21st Century High School model is one of the outstanding new 21st Century Secondary School models. New Tech practices in project-based learning, assessment of 21st Century Skills, and online learning platforms may be the most advanced in the US and elsewhere, though much work remains to be done. I served as Director of Strategic Planning for the New Technology Foundation for 8 years, 2002-2009, working with an outstanding Napa, CA - based team, as we supported 50 communities across 9 states to launch New Tech High Schools. Below are links to profiles of several exemplar New Technology 21st Century High Schools. More will be added as materials and resources become available.-- Bob, June 1, 2010

Update September, 2013: There are now more than 131 schools in 23 states and Australia in the New Tech Network. Go to http://www.newtechnetwork.org/newtech_schools for a current list of schools.

1. Napa New Technology High School, Napa, CA

2. Manor New Technology High School, Manor, TX

3. Tech Valley High School, Albany Capitol Region, NY

4. Sacramento New Technology High School, Sacramento, CA

5. Math Engineering Science Technology Academy (METSA), Carrolton, TX

6. New Tech@Coppell, Coppell, TX

7. Columbus Signature Academy, Columbus, IN

Note: This page is part of a larger project to profile exemplar 21st Century Secondary Schools, New Tech and others, in the U.S. and abroad. The initial seven schools are all New Tech schools. This list will be expanded to include other New Tech schools and other exemplar 21st Century schools based on different models. Criteria for inclusion in this list are:

  • School is exemplary in its practices, including project-based learning, assessment of 21st Century Skills, pervasive use of technology as a student and teacher tool, and use of online learning platforms to bind the school community together.
  • School positions itself as a demonstration school through hosting study tours and executive tours and also communicates its practices through the school website.
  • There are sufficient web-based resources -- articles, videos, research, and other documents -- to adequately profile the school.

Schools should contact Bob at bobpearlman@mindspring.com to be included in these exemplar profiles.

--Bob Pearlman, June 1, 2010