New Technology 21st Century High School Model

Message of congratulations to the New Tech Network upon reaching more than 100 replications of the New Technology High School model, April, 2012.

The New Technology 21st Century High School model is one of the outstanding new 21st Century Secondary School models. New Tech pratices in project-based learning, assessment of 21st Century Skills, and online learning platforms may be the most advanced in the US and elsewhere, though much work remains to be done. I served as Director of Strategic Planning for the New Technology Foundation for 8 years, 2002-2009, working with an outstanding Napa, CA - based team, as we supported 50 communities across 9 states to launch New Tech High Schools. As of Summer, 2009, New Technology Foundation is now the New Tech Network, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the KnowledgeWorks Foundation, which aims to scale significantly New Tech schools in the US. -- Bob, August, 2009. [Update 2015-2016 school year: The New Tech Network is now an independent nonprofit organization that supports over 180 schools in 28 states and Australia.]

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