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Napa New Technology High School

Napa New Technology High School in Napa, CA, opened in 1996 with grade 11 and graduated its first class in 2008. In 2003 it expanded to a grades 9-12 school. Napa New Tech, the flagship school of the National Network of 50 New Technology High Schools, has been recognized as the first California Digital School, a New American High School, one of the initial grantees of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation chosen to replicate its model, and as a national model secondary school by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). Napa Valley Unified School District is now spreading the school's student-centered learning practices throughout the district K-12 through the Student-Centered 21st Century Classrooms Initiative (SC21).

August 20, 2014: New Technology High School Unveils 'Center for Excellence'

Project-Based Learning, 21st Century Skills, and Assessment at Napa New Technology High School
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"Learning Through Projects" segment from the ASCD series, "Teaching the Adolescent Brain". Segments from
Sacramento and Napa New Tech High Schools.




New Tech HS CFE
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  • Measuring Skills for the 21st Century, by Elena Silva, Education Sector, November 10, 2008. Excellent study includes profile of New Tech High School model's assessment practices.
  • Case Study of Napa New Technology High School 2006, prepared by the International Center for Leadership in Education for the Model Schools Conference, Orlando,FL, June 26-28, 2006. This is a different case study from the 2005 version. (Word Doc).
  • New Technology High School Postsecondary Student Success Study (PDF), Rockman & Associates, February 6, 2006
    Rockman et al conducted a six-month study of New Technology High School (NTHS) alumni for the last eight years for the New Technology Foundation (NTF) . The study was designed to gather feedback from NTHS graduates regarding their postsecondary education and/or career, 21st Century skills, knowledge and use of technology, and on what they valued most about their NTHS experience.
    Data discussed in the report that follows suggest that New Technology High School is meeting the academic and skill needs of its 21st Century students. Overall feedback indicated that:
    -- 89% of the responding alumni attended a 2-year or 4-year college/university or professional or technical institute.
    -- 92% of respondents have applied some or a great deal of what they learned at NTHS to their postsecondary education or career.
    -- 96% of the respondents would choose to attend NTHS again.
    -- 40% of the alumni respondents were either majoring in STEM fields or were working in STEM professions.
  • Case Study of Napa New Technology High School, prepared by the International Center for Leadership in Education for the Model Schools Conference, Nashville, TN, June 26-28, 2005.
  • Results That Matter: New Tech High School at a Glance, New Technology Foundation, February 2006. New Tech High School students graduate with a mastery of 21st Century knowledge and skills, prepared for college, career, and citizenship. New Tech High School uses multiple measures to assess student performance and school accountability, including measures of student engagement, academic success, 21st Century skills, and post-secondary success. NTHS Results that Matter shows high school success data on student achievement, 21st Century Skills, graduation requirements, graduation rates, post-secondary enrollments and STEM Careers, Recognitions, and NTHS Network School Success.