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21st Century Secondary Schools

Designing 21st Century Schools and Learning Environments

Schools’ Design Conference Workshop
Department of Education Northern Ireland (DENI)
Belfast, Northern Ireland
November 18, 2003

Department of Education

Northern Ireland


Bob Pearlman is a 21st Century School Development consultant and the former Director of Strategic Planning for the New Technology Foundation

I. Presentations

II. Activities

III. Charts

IV. Links and Resources

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I. Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations are large files. Use a high speed connection and download to your browser.

1. Designing 21st Century Learning Environments: Introduction (PPT)

2. 21st Century Knowledge and Skills: Reinventing the School Experience (PPT)

3. Teaching and Learning in 21st Century Schools: The New Technology High School Model (PPT)

4. July, 2009: New Learning Environments for 21st Century Learners

II. Activities

1. 2020 Visiting Team

2. Criteria for Success of School Design

3. Recommendations to the Department of Education re the Handbook on School Building Design

III. Charts

1. Stages of Technology Implementation (CEO Forum STaR chart)

2. Stages of Technology Implementation (Target Tech sub-stages)

3. Learning Outcomes

IV. Links and Resources

1. Alan November

2. New Technology High School

3. New Technology Foundation

4. New Tech High Learning System. The NTHS Learning System comprises the school's curriculum, standards, assessment tools, and reporting tools, all online on a common technology platform.

5. Bob's articles on "Designing, and Making, the New American High School", Technos Quarterly, Spring, 2002, and "Reinventing the High School Experience", Educational Leadership, April 2002

V. Contact Bob

1. Contact Information

2. About Bob (Bio, Resume, Articles, etc.)