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Designing and Implementing New 21st Century Secondary Schools

Preconference Workshop and Conference Presentations
at Alan November's
Building Learning Communities 2004 Conference
July 19-22, 2004
Boston, MA

Bob Pearlman, Kathi Mullin, Joe Battaglia

Joe Battaglia is a New Schools Coach and Big Picture Online Administrator.

Kathi Mullin is the Special Assistant to the Superintendent for High School Renewal, Boston Public Schools

Bob Pearlman is the Director of Strategic Planning for the New Technology Foundation

Are you, your colleagues, and community designing a new 21st Century secondary school or converting an existing school to one that prepares today's kids for to be the citizens and knowledge workers of the twenty-first century? Here are the resources that Bob Pearlman, Kathi Mullin, and Joe Battaglia shared with the participants at the Building Learning Communities 2004 Conference, one of the premier international conferences on school innovation. Particpants in this workshop came from Portland (OR), San Diego, England, Northern Island, and from across the United States.

1. Bob's presentations (Note: these are very large files, 3-5 MB-- download with a high speed connection).

2. Kathi's presentation and materials:

3. Joe's presentation: Big Picture Schools: Educational, Facilities, and Technical Design [Powerpoint 2000 file, 65 KB]

4. Workshop Announcement, Agenda, Design Specifications Graphic, Design Specifications Chart, and Design Exercise.

5. New Small High Schools and Small Learning Communities. Includes key links and articles by Bob Pearlman on designing new secondary schools.

6. Key links on the MET and the Big Picture Company, the designer of the MET:

7. Boston's High School Renewal web Site

8. The New Tech High Learning System. The NTHS Learning System comprises the school's curriculum, standards, assessment tools, and reporting tools, all online on a common technology platform.

9. Bob's article on "The Role of Technology and Facilities in Redesigning the American High School" (PDF), Winter 2002.

10. Pre-conference Workshop by Bob Pearlman and Elliot Washor at the 2003 Building Learning Communities 2004 Conference.

11. Emails: